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Bangkok Regenerative Center (BRC) is the premium location for non-surgical and regenerative treatments located in Bangkok, Thailand.
We have invested hours becoming foremost experts in our field by researching these innovative therapies worldwide.
At Bangkok Regenerative Center (BRC), we offer expert treatment by experienced American Board Member physicians, following international clinical trials closely in serving the most advanced, safe, and effective treatment for our patients from worldwide.



Whether you reach the top level of body performance, or just concern for health,
your life is always at risk of injuries, aging, and hormone imbalance
that can take you out of the track.
BRC has the best physicians in the field to help you recover and regenerate
from the cell origin – so you can make a full return to your life.
Bangkok Regenerative Center provides the world’s most advanced regenerative injection treatments for treating bone & joint problems due to arthritis, meniscus tears, traumatic ligament injuries, overuse conditions and other degenerative conditions.
Sports Injury can affect men and women of all ages and athletic levels. At BRC, we are dedicated to getting athletes back in the game as quickly as possible – and we have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done.
BRC offers the latest Stem Cells treatments, e.g. PRP treatment, IV Therapy, and autologous cell therapy to boost up the sense of well-being in helping you regain cell energy from the origin and recover from some syndrome, e.g. diabetes, hypertension, hormone imbalance, autism, allergenic, Alzheimer, etc. All treatments are performed with international standards.
The BRC’s Aesthetic Medicine is based on latest stem cell innovation and technology with world-class standards. We focus on regrowing degenerated or damaged body cells and facial tissues in turning back glorious time to you.


Editorial Commentary: The Time Has Come to Try Intra-articular Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Your Patients With Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis
Platelet-rich plasma injections, in a systematic review and meta-analysis of 10 Level I randomized control trials, were found to provide more pain relief and better functional outcomes than hyaluronic acid in patients with knee osteoarthritis at 12 months after injection. Read More
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Homing was confirmed by the incorporation of injected GFP-labeled MSCs within the repaired newly formed cartilage. Significant recovery proves that the use of IA injection of autologous MSCs is a viable and a practical option for treating different degrees of osteoarthritis. Read More
Transplantation. 2013 May 15.
MSC therapy may be a valid alternative treatment for chronic knee osteoarthritis. The intervention is simple, does not require hospitalization or surgery, provides pain relief, and significantly improves cartilage quality. Read More
Journal of Diabetes Research. Epub 2013 Apr 10
There are problems which have a tendency to form teratomas and the ethical debate revolving around their derivation on the use of ESCs. iPS cells have been shown to have an embryonic-like pluripotent state that enables the development of an unlimited source of any type of human cell. Read More



Don’t let injuries, aging, or deceases slow you down indefinitely.

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